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Dedicated to You...



I wanted to tell you this face to face
But maybe I'm not smart enough to do it.
It's just that you make my heart race,
And I can't speak...
I want to tell you that I always try,
I try to let you know without saying a word.
Maybe it is that I get kind of shy
I really don't know.
Without going around it so much,
I want to tell you that you've rally gotten into my mind
Because without searching for anything
You is what I came to find.
It was something so sudden,
I never thought it would be
And now that I see it's really happening
I really want you to be with me.
I don't know what you're thinking,
Maybe I'm nothing special to you
I don't care as long as I know what I'M feeling
But I hope you feel the same way too.


Don't worry, there's no way anyone will read this((((((((( unless you tell them where it is)))))))...I hope you like it......



This is specially for you