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Why Are Men So Difficult?


Have you ever wondered why men are so difficult?  I think every woman has at a certain given point.  That is the point for this site.  I will share my findings about men and finally try to come to a conclusion about it.
MEN in a way have a different mentality than woman.  According to one lady, the problem is that "Some men are determined to make fools out of themselves by trying to make a girl do anything they want."  They don't realize they are dealing with a stronger mind than theirs.  Women are underestimated all the time but like they say, we've got a sixth sense.
There is really no explanation to that.  Statistics show that the average man goes out with at least 5 women in their lifetime.  (serious relationships)  From those 5, 3 end up in bad terms with the partner.
According to one man:
Why do you think that is?  "Because men cheat on them."
Why do men cheat on women? "Because a girl is better than her."
What is a good woman for most men? "Good attitude, nice, cares about you, loves you, and not that ugly."
When does a man know it's the right time for marriage?  "When he's tired of being single and going around."
Why do men lie a lot? "I don't know, because they never want to say the truth because they are doing something bad"
What are these bad things? "I don't know what the fuck I am talking about."
Note: This is an actual interview with an average man.
The following are real questions and answers:
1.  Choose a topic? "HMMM" (gestures for I don't know)
2.  Chose another topic that you find interesting other than SeX. "I don't know you tell me a topic you want me to talk about."
3.  Just choose any topic. "You better not put my name on this shit, that's fucked up, I'm not gonna answer no more."
4.  What are you interested in discussing? "Cars"
5.  What about cars? "They're interesting...I don't know what the fuck i'm talking about seriously."
6.  What is your age? "21" ( note that this young man is 18)
7.  How important is family. "More important than anything in the world."
8.  You know what type of family I'm talking about No? "No"
Why are men so stupid with women?
-"Cuz they're always gonna take over and want to be the man and tell the girl what to do and not to do, and he wants to do whatever he wants."
How does it feel to be "dumped?"
-If you like her it's bad, if you don't whatever o get the next one.  If you like her it will feel bad for approximately 3 weeks.  If you don't whateer get the next one."
What is first Love? (In your world)
-First love is the girl you're going to remember for the rest of your life.
Why is sex so important in a relationship?
-So you can feel close to the person in a way that you can feel love.


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"Whatever life has in store for a woman can either be transformed into the most beautiful thing for her or be transformed into hell on earth when she meets a man."